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Museum, shelter and tented camp


The Rocceré Visitor Center is immersed in the pine forest Sant'Anna di Roccabruna.

You can visit the Museum Area where it is possible to immerse yourself in the reality of the Archaeological Area: here is the whole history of the Rocceré, from when it was discovered until today.
Articles, projects, documentation, photographic exhibition, drawings and archaeological finds!

The RocceRé visitor center also has a dining area with kitchen, refrigerator, large table and 10 beds with the possibility of renting the refuge for entire groups.

In front of the refuge, a splendid pine forest where you can sleep outdoors in a tent without giving up the practicality of bathrooms and showers.

RocceRé Visitor Center

The Rocceré book published by Araba Fenice is available!

Buy it at the RocceRé Visitor Center or online HERE


RocceRé T-Shirt

RocceRé t-shirts that set the trend.

from 10 €

ciondolo antropomorfo

Copper pendant 

RocceRé always with you with a copper pendant. And you feel a bit like a shaman.

10 €

ciondolo antropomorfo


RocceRé always with you with a copper pendant. And you feel a bit like a shaman.

10 €

portachiave antropomorfo

Wooden keychain 

The Rocceré is always in your pocket with th entirely handmade keychain.

6 €

Gadgets can be received
by post, paying the amount
already inclusive of expenses
shipping to the Association
Friends of RocceRé, IBAN:



and communicating
the payment to the email 

Help the Amici del RocceRé Association manage and enhance the archaeological site: become a member or make a donation

IBAN: IT31B0843946280000030120219


Amici del RocceRé


Being a friend of RocceRé means actively engaging in the conservation of the archaeological and naturalistic site of Mount RocceRé, contributing to spreading the culture of care, management and enhancement of archaeological and naturalistic assets. The friends of RocceRé also promote knowledge of the place through publications, conferences and guided tours only by Naturalistic Accompanying members and carry out other activities necessary for all the activities concerning the Archaeological site.


Become a member!

With only 10 euros a year you
will have the membership card
and you will contribute to all
activitiesof support and
promotion of this important
archaeological site!

For you, a free map of the Roccabruna trails and a sticker from the Association!

I sentieri di Roccabruna - Valle Maira
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