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Rocceré Archaeological Area


RocceRé is one of the most important Bronze Age rock art sites in Europe and is located right at the foot of the Valle Maira, in Roccabruna, in the province of Cuneo. It holds the record for the level of concentration of engravings in a very small area (over 35,000 cup marks on approximately 20,000 m2) and is unique for the type of figures present. A spiritual and mysterious place that fascinates for its context and landscapes. Walking among its engraved rocks you go back more than 4,000 years ago. In an area embraced by rich vegetation it is possible to admire the Masso Altare, Roccias Fenestre, the Throne of the King, the Balmascura Cave and appreciate the morphology of the solar calendar.

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Come arrivare
Area Archeologica RocceRé | Escursioni Roccerè

Guided tours with shuttle service , every day

from May to November on request and reservation :
+39 347235 8797 -

The Roccerè's shuttle brings from 1250 m to 1723 m,

to reach the site is necessary to walk a further drop of 100 m.

Area Archeologica RocceRé uomo preistorico

An ancient message


The ancient authors of the cup marks were probably dedicated to sun worship. The engravings were produced as part of celebratory, commemorative, initiatory or propitiatory rites under the direction of shamans. 

The places and stones on which they were performed were almost certainly considered sacred. 

The treasures of RocceRé

Antropomorfo RocceRé


The anthropomorphic figure symbol of the archaeological site..

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Masso Altare

The Masso Altare

90-metre overhanging wall with a boulder with very particular cup marks at the top.

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Calendario solare

Solar calendar

Seven solar alignments of cupped channels, indicator boulders and rocks at solstices and equinoxes.

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Coppelle e costellazioni

Analogy with constellations

Several cup-shaped figures are very reminiscent of some constellations

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Visite guidate
Area Archeologica RocceRé | Trono del Re

Throne of the King

Seat in the rock with inverted trapezoidal shape.

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Grotta di Balmascura

Balmascura Cave

Cave of 25 m, 10 m high and 20 m deep with a perennial spring inside.

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Roccias Fenestre


Four stone towers that house the large window of the Summer Solstice

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Pittura rupestre

Rock painting

Anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figure with raised hands and/or deer antlers. Probable dating prior to the cup-marks.

Area Archeologica RocceRé | Libro RocceRé

It's available

the RocceRé's book

edited by Araba Fenice!

Buy it to the RocceRé Visitor Center or online HERE

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