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Guided tour to Boulder Altar


The tour most exciting and significant that starts from the top of RocceRé and, bordering the Roccias Fenestre, reaches the Boulder Altar.


You will have the opportunity to see countless cupmarks of enigmatic interpretation, including the "King", the anthropomorphic most important figure of the site.


Reserved area:

Area reserved for guided tours. It is forbidden to venture down this path, unless accompanied by Excursion guides regularly chartered and members of the association "Friends of Rocceré".

Percorso guidato coppelle Roccerè


Ring of RocceRé


A ring around the edge of the entire area of the archaeological site.The route starts by the scented pinewoods of Sant'Anna of Roccabruna and brings us up to the top of the mountain where you can see the famous prehistoric engravings, the Throne of the King and the Cave of Balmascura.


The route is spaced with wood paneling to the main crossroads and marked every 100 meters by gold trapezioidal sign, an it has an altitude difference of 550 meters. Walkable in about 4 hours.


A Walk quite challenging that gives intense suggestions.


Free area:

The archaeological site is free to visitors hiking respecting the "Rules" posted on notice boards of the site.

You can visit the site respecting the trail "Ring Roccerè".

escursione coppelle Rocceré
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