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The Archaeological area


RocceRé is one of the most important rock art sites of the Bronze Age in Europe and is located at the foot of the Maira Valley, in Roccabruna, in the Cuneo province.


Holds the record for the concentration of rock incisions

in a very small area (over 20,000 cups of about 20,000 square meters) and is unique to the type of figures present.


A spiritual place that is fascinating and mysterious to the morphology and the views. Walking through its engraved rocks and outcroppings of white quartz going back more than 4000 years ago. In an area embraced by lush vegetation you can see the Boulder Altar on which there is the most important incision of the site, the Roccias Fenestre, the Throne of the King and the Cave of Balmascura.


During the excursion is not uncommon to meet the guardians of RocceRé: the ravens. With a bit of luck you can spot even the chamois and eagles. 


Area Archeologica Roccere
Museum, shelter and camping


The Rocceré Visitor Center is immersed in the pinewood of Sant'Anna di Roccabruna.


You can visit the Museum area where you can enter into the reality of the Archaeological Area: here is the whole history of RocceRé, since it has been discovered to this day.

Articles, projects, documentations, Fotoslow phototogallery, Drawings and much more!


As a good shelter, there is also a dining area with kitchen, fridge, large table and 10 beds with the option to rent the hut for whole groups.

The sleeping area is really cool. On the ceiling you can recognize the constellations: close your eyes and continue to live the emotion of an unmatched trip.


In front of the refuge there is also a beautiful pine forest where you can sleep outside, in your tent without renounce the convenience of baths and showers.

RocceRé Visitor Centre

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