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RocceRé's friends


The association was formed in 2011 by 17 founding members, with registered office in the township Dao No. 19, in the town of Roccabruna CN.

Being a friend of Roccerè means actively engage in the preservation of the archaeological site and the natural mountain Roccerè, contribute to spreading culture of care, management and enhancement of archaeological and naturalistic.

Friends of Roccerè also promote local knowledge through publications, conferencesguided tours only by skilled Naturalistic guides and other activities necessary to carry out all the activities that relate to the archaeological site.
The association has 55 ordinary members. 


Become a member!

With just 10 euro a year you will have the membership card and you will contribute to all activities for support and promote this important archaeological site!

For you FREE the trail map of Roccabruna 
and a sticker of the association!

Associazione Amici del RocceRé incisioni rupestri


Tessera associativa incisioni rupestri RocceRé
I sentieri di Roccabruna - Valle Maira
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